EDITORIAL: Insecurity of FCO post is a big punt

EDITORIAL: If you're going to move somewhere for a year-long job contract, the Fraser Coast's not a bad place to try.

It's affordable, the weather's great and it's got a relaxed lifestyle.

But it's still a risky move for someone at the peak of their career - as we would hope applicants to Fraser Coast Opportunities would be.

Even if a local person is hired, there is still an inherent risk in swapping jobs to an organisation that may see its funding significantly cut in a year.

With many question marks over the future of FCO, though, the organisation needs stability if it is to continue.

The stream of senior staff resignations has not made it easy for the organisation to achieve what we all want, a recovery in our tourism and business sectors.

The hiring of four new senior staff at FCO is a chance to get it right at last - in the eyes of the public if nothing else.

This year, and those key appointments, will be a make or break period for the council to decide whether it's worth throwing more money at an organisation that has, for the most part been met with a barrage of criticism from ratepayers.

It's a situation ratepayers and local business-owners will watch closely.

As the Mayor says - councils come and go.

The future of FCO will be one of the deciding factors in that.