‘Nightmare’ neighbour Guy Sebastian has swung open the doors of his palatial concrete cube.
‘Nightmare’ neighbour Guy Sebastian has swung open the doors of his palatial concrete cube. Supplied

Inside Guy’s $3m ‘nightmare’ mansion

Guy Sebastian has continued to taunt his grumpy neighbours by dragging a bunch of contestants from The Voice through the street and swinging open the doors of his Westfield to show off the new pad.

No, it's not an actual Westfield. It's just the size of one - kind of like the concrete beast the Hemsworths are building in Byron Bay. And just like Chris Hemsworth, Guy has annoyed all the old people who live in the beachside suburb of Maroubra with his yen for modern architecture.

"He's got a lot of money and we're only little people. He's not building a house, he's building a fortress!" one neighbour ranted to media last year, with another labelling it a "nightmare" while probably shaking his fist at the sky.

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The street's longtime residents don't understand why anyone would want to knock down the dusty old brick abodes of yore. After all, they feature the finest style and technological advancements the '70s had to offer. What more do these pop stars want? Airconditioning? A moat?

This is Maroubra - the home of the Bra Boys - it's not the bloody moon.

Anyway, that's without a doubt the general sentiment rambled by Guy's old-timey neighbours.

The $3.1 million home has been under construction forever and the outside still kinda looks like it isn't finished because it's basically a really big concrete shipping container. But not just any shipping container. An expensive shipping container. A shipping container fit for a star.

The under-construction Westfield Maroubra.
The under-construction Westfield Maroubra.

We've all been dying to see what it looks like on the inside - and we were finally treated to a tour last night on The Voice when Guy kicked open the doors and let his contestants inside. Guy immediately had our sympathy. No way on earth did he want these losers stinking up his new home - he was obviously forced by producers. They probably tied him to that big red judges' chair until he agreed. We don't want our friends coming over to our homes let alone a bunch of randoms from a talent show.


Just super warm and cosy.
Just super warm and cosy.

What were we expecting inside? Our hopes weren't high. Judging by the facade, we thought it would just be all steel and polished concrete - maybe with a lone bright statement rug on the floor and a taxidermied Mark Holden propped up in the corner.

Not to get all Shaynna Blaze, but our forecast was pretty spot on. Polished concrete, glass and matt black everything - none of that rose gold crap from Kmart. He's even got those fancy matt black sink taps which are super chic until a soap scum issue develops.

We kinda wish Guy took advantage of his rag tag team of contestants and made them all sing very loudly on his lawn into the evening to annoy his grumpy neighbours who absolutely seem like the kind of people who'd file noise complaints.

Missed opportunities.

‘Get out.’
‘Get out.’