Inside Margot Robbie’s ‘wild’ Logies night



Margot Robbie is letting the world in on a night she has yet to forget.

The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood actress brought the instance to light during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Thursday night. Robbie recollected her earlier years as a fledgling performer back in her native Australia, where one night, in particular, left her mentally scrambled - albeit briefly - after she attended one of her first awards shows.

The Bombshell actress, 29, explained to the talk show host the first awards show she had ever attended was the 2009 Logie Awards.

"The Logies are the funnest award shows ever," she explained to the late-night host. "I haven't been for a decade now. It's like the Wild West … They're just a big piss-up, everyone gets absolutely hammered."


Margot Robbie at her first Logies in 2009.
Margot Robbie at her first Logies in 2009.

"People are drunk the next day going to work," Robbie continued. "The two big shows, Neighbours and Home And Away - you have to work the next morning after the Logies. We film all year-round, so people show up in their gowns, people show up still drunk.

"A really famous talk show host did a show completely wasted - he did the morning show, like, wasted. And Australia loved him more after that! He didn't even get in trouble."

She's referring, of course, to Today host Karl Stefanovic, whose "animated" hosting of the breakfast show the morning after the 2009 Logies has gone down in TV infamy. He later admitted he was "real drunk".


Karl Stefanovic drunk on the Today show after the Logies.
Karl Stefanovic drunk on the Today show after the Logies.

Robbie detailed an experience she had as a 19-year-old at her second awards, then held at Melbourne's Crown Casino, maintaining she was so inebriated she passed out.

"It's held in a casino … and I passed out in one of the toilet stalls and I woke up and I came out and it happened to be the one hour that the casino closes to clean," Robbie revealed.

"I didn't know it ever closes - usually just full of thousands of people," she made a point to mention. "I came out and it was such a weird, surreal experience because there was no one around … for a second in my drunken state, I was like, 'Did I die? Is this purgatory? Am I in between heaven and hell right now? This is so weird'."


Robbie at the 2010 Logie Awards – she later passed out in a toilet stall.
Robbie at the 2010 Logie Awards – she later passed out in a toilet stall.

The Suicide Squad performer said she eventually encountered a housekeeper who reassured her that she was indeed alive, adding that when she reported work, she was administered oxygen from the on-set nurse.

"Her busiest day is the day after (the Logie Awards)," Robbie quipped.

Robbie is nominated for best supporting actress in the 2020 Golden Globe Awards in January for her role in Bombshell.


This article originally appeared on Fox News and was reproduced with permission