MINIS: Bundaberg resident Rieckie Muchow has been a collector of all things miniature for over 20 years.
MINIS: Bundaberg resident Rieckie Muchow has been a collector of all things miniature for over 20 years. TAHLIA STEHBENS

Inside Rieckie's miniature world

COLES minis have created a stir all over Australia, but Bundaberg woman Rieckie Muchow is a long-standing player in the miniature game.

Mrs Muchow has collected all 30 of the Coles variety minis, and even posesses some of the New Zealand range.

Her passion for all things mini began more than 20 years ago after she gave birth to her premature daughter and the dedicated artist is showing no signs of slowing down.

"I came home and she was still in hospital and I had nothing to do," Mrs Muchow recalls.

"So Trevor built me a doll house, and that's what I did when she was in hospital, I built the house and that gave me something to do."

Mrs Muchow joined online Barbie collector groups and quickly made friends in America who collected the original minis called Rements.

"They're just so real, and cute, how could you not want to collect them," she said.

The dedicated craftswoman even 3D prints her own accessories if she can't find what she needs on the internet.

Building a single scene takes about six months as each box and scene is started from scratch.

"I've got 16 different scenes just here in this room," she said.

The pieces range from decked out caravans and gypsy wagons to weddings, bedrooms, dinner scenes and outdoor fairy gardens.

The artist is often inspired by a colour or life event which she recreates in great detail.

"Usually I might find something and that starts the whole process, like that (nursery) was a giftbox," she said.

"There's Coles minis in there above the washing machine - the washing powder and the Finish.

"Some of the Coles minis are the right size for the Barbies but for the others I've had to build scenes specifically for the Coles minis because they are way bigger."

What used to be the garage has now been turned into a storage shed for Mrs Muchow's mini collections.


If you would like to see Mrs Muchow's creations, the 29th Annual Doll and Bear Fair will be held on October 6 at the Multiplex.