Insta-obsessed bikie ditches ‘gangster life’


INSTAGRAM obsessed former bikie Ben "Notorious" Geppert has claimed he has ditched the "gangster life" for some hi-vis.

Geppert, who was formerly linked to bikie gangs the Hells Angels and the Finks, took to Instagram this week to announce he had a job.

The Insta-famous bikie posted a picture of himself in slightly dirty hi-vis clothing.

"Went from enforcer to the work force," he captioned the picture.

One of his followers commented he looked like "an enforcer on the job".

"Took control of my life grew up and understood there ain't (sic) no life being a gangster," Geppert replied.

Ex bikie Ben
Ex bikie Ben "Notorious" Geppert has claimed on Instagram he now has a job. Picture: Instagram

Geppert shot to prominence last year after he and rival ex-bikie Ben "Kaos" Peachy began feuding publicly.

Geppert has also been known to post provocative pictures of himself and girlfriend Allaina Vader.

Geppert was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for three years, when he exchanged blows with a bikie rival in front of a Gold Coast KFC in May last year.

Footage of the fight was captured by Vader who can be heard encouraging him with calls of "you go Ben" throughout.

Geppert was also in court last year after he defied a ban preventing him from visiting Robina Shopping Centre.