Faster internet speeds for M'boro after Telstra upgrade

PEOPLE in Maryborough may get a boost in internet quality and coverage after Telstra upgraded the network.

Many residents and businesses in Maryborough will now have faster internet speeds on their ADSL service following infrastructure upgrades.

Telstra expects the internet boost will give access to services previously unavailable to them, including digital TV through Telstra's T-Box and Telstra's new Digital Office Technology.

Last Saturday the Chronicle reported on the internet problems of the Fraser Coast which included case studies in Maryborough.

Maryborough Chamber of Commerce president Craig Winter praised the upgrade and said it was necessary to help businesses in Maryborough.

"The biggest problem we've had in Maryborough is the waiting time on getting connections," he said.

"The exchanges here are quite old. That's what holds business back."

Telstra Country Wide Area general manager for Central Queensland and Sunshine Coast, Kris Carver, said Telstra listened to local residents who wanted higher internet speeds.

"The existing infrastructure in the local exchange was struggling to meet the demand in Maryborough for fast internet at certain times," he said.

However, Telstra says there may be some reasons customers still do not get the internet speeds they expect from their service.

These include a customer's distance from the exchange, their own equipment and whether or not they are served by the upgraded parts.