The Trolley Stopper promises to make unloading your trolley easier at Orion.
The Trolley Stopper promises to make unloading your trolley easier at Orion.

Invention promises to ease shopping pain

SHOPPING at Springfield just got a lot easier thanks to the introduction of 500 little plastic discs.

Orion Springfield installed the tiny plastic pieces of plastic called a Trolley Stopper at the weekend after a successful trial in May.

A centre spokeswoman said the stoppers were installed in the underground carpark in sloping areas.

"And so far we've had such a great response," she said.

Trolley Stopper co-founder Emma Wood said Orion originally started off with a trial kit of 20 discs that are designed to minimise runaway trolleys scratching and denting cars.

"Their customers enjoyed them so much they installed another 500," she said.

The family business is based on Brisbane's northside, and was taken to market this year.

"We just wanted to improve the shopping experience for customers all the way out to the carpark," Ms Wood said.

"They have a small hollow in them. The best way to use them is to drive the back wheel of your trolley into them and it will sit in that hollow, and then once it's stable, you can let go and unpack your trolley so you're not trying to work with a runaway trolley."

Four other shopping centres are trialling the Trolley Stopper, while another centre has installed 150.

"Orion are probably our biggest order so far. We also have a wholesale agreement with a company in America that's starting to install them over there soon too," Ms Wood said.

"It's such a simple design but we have so much faith that it can help so many people in their day to day lives."