Investigation as multiple ballot boxes come open

Authorities are investigating five instances of sealed ballot boxes containing early votes that have come open and whether the votes inside can be counted.

The ECQ has revealed seals on boxes from voting centres in Bancroft, Mulgrave, Glasshouse, Redcliffe, and Springwood/Waterford have been "accidentally cut or came loose".

Witness statements are being taken to determine what has happened.

An ECQ spokeswoman said the incidents were being managed by the ECQ and local Returning Officers.

"Action being taken includes quarantining the ballot boxes until close of polling and taking witness statements from all involved including scrutineers who were present," she said.

"All candidates and relevant party representatives are being kept informed as part of this process.

"The ECQ will consider the information gathered through this process to determine the appropriate course of action.

"Based on current information available, there is no evidence the ballot papers have been dealt with improperly nor is there a reason why the ballots should not be included in the count."

It's understood the first instance occurred yesterday.

The ECQ came under fire following the local government elections in March because there were limited online updates for several councils and the Currumbin by-election when counting started.

The body blamed it on a technical issue that affected the data feed from polling booths to the ECQ's results website.


Originally published as Investigation as multiple ballot boxes come open