iOS 10 released overnight with host of new iPhone features

IF you're an Apple fan you will soon have the chance to get a whole host of new features as a new operating system called iOS 10 is rolled out across the world overnight. 

First unveiled at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the new version has loads of awesome features you will want to get your hands on. report reveals the iOS 10 contains the following new features: 

1. Lock and home screen revamp giving you the chance to engage with more detailed notifications on the home screen plus loads more. 

2.  The new operating system means Siri works with more apps so you can do things like ordering a taxi, send messages and search photos. 

3. Quick Type is about to get smarter which means if someone texts to ask where you are it is smart enough to send your location. Siri can also send information you require with a single tap.