Sarah Hazard and her son Jayden give the Coles DIY Little Shop collector's case the big thumbs up.
Sarah Hazard and her son Jayden give the Coles DIY Little Shop collector's case the big thumbs up. Rob Williams

Anger as Coles mini cases sell out

COLES Christmas minis have proved popular with collector cases sold out in a matter of days in Ipswich, Springfield and Redbank.

Some stores say they sold out within a day, but despite their popularity no more cases would be coming.

Already people are trying to make a buck with spare cases selling for $20 up to $35 on Facebook's Marketplace.

But there's no reason to buy one online for $20 or more.

Coles are giving away thick paper cases that you can fold and or you can download a printable template online.

Then you simply fold it up and voila, a DIY collector case.

Coles customer Sarah Hazard and her son Jayden think the DIY cases are "pretty cool".

"I think they're pretty cool, it's a lot cheaper," Jayden said.

Ms Hazard said it would make a good kids art and craft project this school holidays.

While they don't look as good as the original they'll cost you nothing.

When the minis were first released the collector cases sold in store for $4 and the minis are collected every time you spend $30 at Coles.

On Facebook market place people are now trying to sell full sets of the Christmas minis for $50.

There's also full sets of the first minis, which people went nuts over, selling for $200.

While individual Christmas minis are selling from $2 to $5 a piece.

On Ebay people are now selling the DIY Christmas cases as well as original cases and a full set including all five minis will set you back $100.

Coles has said there are plenty of minis left but the DIY gingerbread houses would only be available at Coles service desks while stocks last.

Frustrated collectors have vented on the Coles Australia Facebook page about the lack of collector cases.

One Facebook user said their local store only received 60 to sell "staff told me they where gone in minutes, 60 in a giant super market is an insult".

Another said they would now start shopping at a competing supermarket.

"Coles you knew from previous experience.. this just makes me angry and now I'm shopping at Woollies," Caroline Mapstone said.

"Coles the issue here you are not listening the cases where sold by 9am -10am on the day they came out I rang quite a few stores about them. Although I can still get some on ebay and BSS Facebook and frankly I don't want to pay $30 or in some cases over $100. Just saying. Also bare in mind not everyone has the luxury of having the opportunity to own a colour printer," Wozniak Dorothy said.

"Coles nice of u to consider our frustrations! You are very aware from last time u needed to supply more but instead u chose to supply less!" Terri Garvin said.

"I'm sorry Coles but you would think with all the complaints you are receiving, you would do the right thing and give your customers what they want...We are not asking for you to give them away. You are going to make a colossal profit. Just make some more," Kathy Ingram said.