Is this the beginning of a new construction boom?

A PLAN to connect Moranbah gas fields to southern markets could create a new construction boom in central Queensland.

But the head of the company behind the plan has warned the project could still be years away and the number of jobs it could create remained unknown.

Blue Energy on Friday announced it had begun discussions with pipeline companies to build a 200km pipe connecting their gas fields near Moranbah with the southern market.

The link would connect the northern market with the Gladstone port and give Blue's fields access to domestic markets in NSW and Victoria.

Blue Energy managing director John Phillips said it was still "early days" for the proposal.

"What we're seeing in the national debate is people screaming out for gas," he said.

Mr Phillips said it was too early to know how much the project would cost or how many jobs it would create.

"What people have to understand is that construction levels of employment are higher than operational employment," he said.

"There are a lot more jobs when building the project than when running it. I think that's something a lot of people learned with the Gladstone pipelines.

"I don't have a firm number of how many jobs it would create. But it's better than not building a pipeline."

The proposed pipeline would run from Moranbah in the north, through Emerald, to an existing pipeline at Denison Trough North.

Mr Phillips said the proposed line could help bring gas to towns such as Emerald to support new industries.

But Mr Phillips said it was still "too early" to know when the project might begin.

Gas from Blue Energy's Moranbah gas fields currently is sent north to the industrial market and used in local industry. - ARM NEWSDESK