Is it cheaper to eat healthy or junk food?

WHAT'S more expensive, eating processed foods or eating healthy? 

We asked our Facebook community to have their say on the debate following a report that revealed seven food facts we bet you didn't know. 

Joy Oliver said organic options hurt the hip pocket while eating processed foods is just poisoning our bodies. 

"The big question is what price do you put on your health?," she said. 


Belinda Mason believes it is more expensive eat healthy but once you add all the medical bills, healthy eating is a more affordable option.

Tracie Eggleton Cowey says eating junk food is definitely cheaper and getting cheaper as time goes on.

"$3 meals from McDonald's, (yes it's rubbish processed food and syrup drinks) but you couldn't make it for that," she said.

"Potatoes are $5 a kg in comparison to a bag of home brand frozen chips at $2."

Elizabeth McCarroll said she spends a lot of money on fresh fruit and vegetables and lean meats, in order to feed her growing boys the best.

"It's definitely more expensive to eat healthy food, but it's worth it," she said. 

What do you think? Cheaper to eat healthy or junk? Join the discussion and tell us below. 

Trinity Allan said if you're going to buy directly from the big supermarkets, eating healthy is usually more expensive.

She finds shopping around at local produce stalls and markets and buying bulk from the butcher makes healthy eating more affordable. 

Berry Springs Community Markets - local produce
Do you think it is cheaper to eat healthy?

PJ Heaton compared a family meal at McDonalds to a home-cooked meal with the second option coming out the most affordable.

Kaz Plumridge buys her fruit and veg from the markets, meat from the butcher and very little processed foods.

"Pretty much everything is made from scratch using fresh as much as possible. It costs $200 a week to feed our family of six eating healthy meals," she said. 

"Couldn't buy take away for that price."

Simone Stern thinks eating healthy is more costly. 

Toni Nitins said she eats healthy for less.

" I buy in bulk and freeze precooked by me meals and save more that way as well," she said. 

Lucy Peters believes it costs more to eat processed food.

Zjena Klinjnscovic eats healthy on a budget.

"I make my own version of KFC with all the sides for half of what it would cost me to buy at the store," she said. 

Mark Seefuss suggested a vege garden to grow your own is the cheapest option.