OPINION: Anzac Day means so much to me

Fraser Coast retailer and passionate philanthropist Con Souvlis is always proud to wear his Second World War medals - and each Anzac Day he pays tribute to his mates who made it - and to those who didn't come home.

OPINION: Anzac Day has great meaning and remembrance for me and this reminded me of when I used to go to Fraser Island with my kids and fish off the Maheno wreck, which was so instrumental in the First World War.

Those brave men who risked their lives doing what they did.

The relics from that ship which are around this area should be treasured by those who are lucky enough to have them.

I wish that Peter Olds, from that famous engineering business in Maryborough who manufactured the new bell from the Maheno, would make some small bells which could be sold.

I would be the first to purchase one as this would be a great memento of this wonderful war museum piece.

My Anzac week starts with my pre-Anzac morning tea today, which is fully booked.

This year I am a little sad as my sing-a-long vocalist Dennis Melsham has now passed away and my friend Cynthia Waters will not be singing due to failing health, but she will still be my guest.

Anzac Day means so much to me and it has been God's will that I am still here to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the landing at Gallipoli.

At 7am on the day I always raise the flag at my beloved Baycrest and then followed by my special breakfast with the Baycrest residents, which is made especially for me, baked beans on toast.

Then I will drive down to the march area where I will take part in the parade.

My old legs won't let me march this year but I will be in the jeep arranged for me by my best friend, Adrian Daniel.

The thrill it gives me waving to the enthusiastic crowds of both adults and children is unbelievable.

God has been good to me and I am so thankful to still be here.

I hope that every family makes the effort to go to one of the many services that will be held on Saturday.

Con Souvlis at the light horse statue dedication in Freedom Park.
Con Souvlis at the light horse statue dedication in Freedom Park. Valerie Horton