YVONNE Wolski goes shopping most afternoons.

Not at a local supermarket, but a place far more convenient… her own backyard.

"I walk down the steps and tell Brian 'I'm going shopping!'" Mr Wolski said.

"And I take my bowl to the veggie garden and pick what I want to eat that night. It's fresh and it always tastes good."

Mrs Wolski's enthusiasm for her beloved vegie garden is palpable.

For at least four hours every day she is digging, planting, pruning, and planning it to perfection.

But it's a passion that has slowly grown since she moved to her home, near Brigalow, with her husband about 42 years ago.

"We've always had a bit of a garden but I only really got into it after we stopped dairying (in 2006)," Mrs Wolski said.

"I used to work in the dairy for two hours in the mornings and afternoons - now I garden."

A self-taught gardener, Mrs Wolski has picked up some valuable lessons from her home's tough clay soil over the years.

"You have to learn to work to your conditions," she said.

"This clay soil is different to Chinchilla - it sets like cement. If there's an area I haven't touched for a while, it's honestly like rock."

"It's quite a healthy club and has about 30 people involved," she said.

The society is now preparing for its annual Garden Competition, being held in September.

With 14 classes this year, Mrs Wolski said the competition was a great opportunity for all gardening enthusiasts, no matter their level of experience.

"We're trying to do something for all ages, young and old," she said.

"There are just so many lovely gardens in town, but a lot of people still won't enter."

From now until spring, Mrs Wolski will be busy tending to her wide range of vegetables.

"Winter is the main time to grow veggies; it's just too hot in summer," she said.

And she wouldn't want to be anywhere else.

"You're out in the sunshine and fresh air; it just makes you feel good to be in the garden," Mrs Wolski said.

"And it's better than being inside doing housework."