Former Brooweena Sawmill workers are struggling

IT'S been more than four months since the Brooweena Sawmill shut its doors and most of its former workers are struggling.

The mill's former manager Roger Fallon tells a disheartening tale.

"Most of the blokes are still looking for work," he says.

The mill's final day of work was on November 21.

Mr Fallon hasn't seen any indication it will reopen.

Of about 20 men who worked at the mill, Mr Fallon said only about three got work and a few were doing casual work.

"One bloke had to go Maryborough and there's a bit around Gympie way - that's about it," he said.

"They're not getting enough to sustain their bills."

Another victim of the mill's closure was the general store.

Mr Fallon said the store operated for about three hours a day only to provide for the mill workers.

"The community felt pretty flat about it all," he said.

After managing the mill for about 15 years, Mr Fallon's workers were like family.

"I really do feel for them because initially when they first lost their job it was a fair shock - but as time goes on it's the realisation there's no more money coming in." Mr Fallon said.

"I just hope they can get something and get up and go looking."