The Block's Jason and Sarah are hammered by the group after dobbing in Elyse and Josh during Kitchen Week.
The Block's Jason and Sarah are hammered by the group after dobbing in Elyse and Josh during Kitchen Week. Channel 9

‘It’s dog s***’: Block stars’ fall from grace

ONE couple has quickly turned from heroes into villains on The Block, after dobbing in their rivals and pocketing extra cash.

During Sunday night's episode, Elyse and Josh were euphoric after receiving a perfect score for Kitchen Week and winning $10,000, but they were brought crashing back down to earth after a tip-off from Jason led to them being stripped of points.

Jason, who with his wife Sarah recently received the lowest score in the show's history for their master suite room reveal, had managed a sensational comeback this week to land in second place behind Elyse and Josh.

But after pointing out to host Scott Cam that the winners' kitchen stove top didn't meet safety requirements, the former black sheep found themselves tied in first place and $10,000 richer.

As reported by Jason, the gas stove top was too close to the Caesarstone splash back (as per building and safety regulations) and was something the judges had overlooked.

The correction meant Jason and Sarah were also eligible for the winner's prize - and the other Blockheads were not happy.

Their faces say it all.
Their faces say it all. Channel 9

"[Jason's] shown his true colours now," Josh told the others.

"He shot us down behind our back and he'll say to our face, 'Oh, it's not about the win.' He needs to shut his mouth and do some work."

The other contestants agreed, telling Elyse and Josh the situation wasn't fair.

No one was more unhappy than Sticks, who'd pitched in to help Jason and Sarah with the weekly task after they'd been threatened with eviction from the show due to low scores.

"Mate, that is dog s**t," he said.

"For them to forfeit the week before, and then have an extra two days and take the win with an uncompleted room, that didn't sit well with me.

"We even went up and helped them in the morning to make sure that they stayed on The Block and then this happens?"

For their part, Jason and Sarah had no regrets.

"What's the big deal? We're not allowed to earn any money?" asked Sarah in her piece to camera.

"They didn't have their money taken off them. We got $10,000 dollars as well. I don't know what the big deal is."

The Block continues tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9.