Business community wants words converted into action

THE Fraser Coast business community has welcomed the end of the Federal Election and has predicted a boost to activity across small business and real estate.

Campaign promises by LNP leader Tony Abbott to cut government costs on small businesses will help to bolster small businesses, Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Tim Powers said.

"I certainly think there is a degree of optimism," he said.

"The business community will want to see words converted into action."

Mr Powers highlighted LNP promises such as a reduction in company tax rate due to begin in 2015, an immediate change to fringe benefits tax on cars and a review of competition and contract laws as potential boosts the Fraser Coast's small businesses.

He said the end to instability of campaign periods also generally prompted more activity in business.

The same instability is also expected to lift from the Fraser Coast real estate market, where buyers have put off any activity while they waited the results of the election.

Real Estate Institute of Queensland Fraser Coast chair Linda Bland said she expected the market to respond positively to a new LNP government.

She said a focus on jobs from the Fraser Coast's two members, Wide Bay's Warren Truss and Hinkler's Keith Pitt, would indirectly help to boost real estate sales.

"I think we will see an increase in the market coming into Christmas," she said.

In the construction sector, Master Builders called on the new government to deliver its key campaign promises.

"We expect to see high priority given to sound economic management, the under-supply of housing and the issue of housing affordability," Master Builders executive director Grant Galvin said.

"In the election campaign, Mr Abbott (Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott) acknowledged the central role building and construction industry will have as we transition to a post-resources boom economy."