It’s time to ride off into the sunset

EDITORIAL: Kenny Rogers once told me I should know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em and know when to walk away.

Well, he sang it at least.

Regardless, now is my time to walk away and this is the last editorial I'll write for the Chronicle.

So let's talk about the immediate elephant in the room.

There have been several editors here in recent times and it's not a good look to have another one going.

In the words of Professor Julius Sumner Miller, why is it so?

May I assure you it's nothing sinister.

I haven't been sacked, nor is there a problem with Left, Right or Green views.

The council hasn't even got rid of me.

Truth is I simply know my time in newspaper journalism is up and it's time to enjoy a new career while I have energy, enthusiasm and a thing or two to offer.

At times in this job I have grappled with the imbalance between what I believe in my heart and what I need to do in my work life, and that is a difficult place to be.

If you are not being the man you are meant to be, you are barely a man at all, so something has to change.

And so it is. Someone will soon take my place at the helm of a truly outstanding, largely young editorial crew.

They are few in number but they achieve enormous results.

I plan to stay in Hervey Bay because it's a place I have quickly come to love.

Hopefully I'll see you around.

Thanks for reading.