It’s too easy to forget the people involved in health fracas

EDITORIAL: It is easy to get caught up in the cut and thrust of one's profession and forget the reason for it all.

For journalists, the risk is that people become merely stories.

In the health industry, people can too easily become clients - or worse, statistics.

In other fields, notably politics, people can become dollar figures or a club to bash your opponent with.

So it is with the case of 35 Fraser Coast public health workers who face redundancy on Friday with no solution to a legislative issue that effectively blocks their re-employment.

Queensland Health Minister Lawrence Springborg is using the impasse to bash Federal Workplace Relations Minister Bill Shorten. Mr Shorten, under whose authority the legislation falls, is using it to bash the State Government.

Never mind the irony that this legislation was supposed to be protecting the rights of these workers, to stop the State Government from outsourcing their work at a lower cost.

As the Together Union points out, some private organisations, particularly in the not-for-profit sector, are unwilling or unable to meet those conditions.

The other people conveniently forgotten are those who depend on the Home and Community Care workers.

I trust everyone has scored their political points now? Come on, Mr Springborg and Mr Shorten.

Let's remember there are people involved here and give them some certainty before the axe falls.