LEADING LADY: Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service board chair Peta Jamieson.
LEADING LADY: Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service board chair Peta Jamieson.

IWD: Wide Bay health chair on who inspired her

CHAIR of Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service Peta Jamieson is just one leading lady in the region championing regional Queensland.

She grew up in Tiaro, Maryborough and Brooweena and said her mother was her role model.

"She achieved so much during her life,” Ms Jamieson said.

"While managing two properties with my dad in Tiaro and Brooweena, she held the fort at Tiaro while my three sisters and I completed our schooling.

"She juggled this with running a hairdressing business and becoming actively involved in the broader community, such as the chairing the Maryborough Family Heritage Institute.

"I'd like to think that in as mall, small way, I'm following in her footsteps.

"Sadly she passed away mid last year.”

After more than 20 years living and working in Brisbane, in a variety of local and state government roles, Ms Jamieson and her husband moved to Bundaberg.

"I had a strong desire to give back to the community, so I became involved with some boards for not-for-profit organisations, such as the YMCA,” she said.

Ms Jamieson would go on to join the boards of Gladstone Ports Corporation and Wide Bay Hospital and Health Service, as well as establishing her own consultancy.

"Sometimes I think people can underestimate the complexity of health care, and the hard work that it takes from a lot of people to make sure every single patient gets the possible care and best possible outcome,” she said.

"But mostly I have been overwhelmed by the dedication of all staff, whether that's at WBHHS or even in terms of the Gladstone Ports Corporation.

"I support lifting everyone up, regardless of gender.

"There are, however, without a doubt those who dismiss a person's view or ability, based on gender.

"I have certainly experienced that. My view is that diversity is a value to be championed across any board.

"I think respect for others' views above all - we all have such wonderful knowledge to contribute and it's vital we remember that 'together, everyone achieves more'.”