Jail stretch for brutal rapist

A man who brutally raped his partner before threatening her with a pair of scissors to the throat has been jailed for eight and half years.

The man cannot be named to protect the identity of his victim but Townsville District Court Judge John Coker ­labelled his behaviour "appalling and disgraceful".

The man pleaded guilty to rape in relation to an incident on September 23, 2017.

His partner was sleeping in a caravan when he stormed in and threw her phone at her.

Crown prosecutor Monique Sheppard said the man began abusing the woman for ­corresponding with an old boyfriend.

Afterwards he grabbed a pair of scissors, held them to the woman's throat and threatened her.

"He said to her, 'I'm going to get my mum to hurt you, I'm going to get people to make you go missing'," Ms Sheppard said. "He grabbed her ears and then apologised for raping her."

Defence barrister Rowan Pack said the man had been in a 10-year "on-off" relationship with the woman.

He said his client had a ­significant drug problem and had been injecting methamphetamine since the age of 13.

"He told (a psychologist) that on the day of the incident he had four points of ice," Mr Pack said.

The court heard the man also pleaded guilty to an earlier domestic violence incident with the same woman and an assault on police, which ­happened during his arrest for that matter.

"There is a clear need and importance that the community, through the court, denounces the most deplorable behaviour that brings you ­before this court," Judge Coker said.

The man had more than 620 days in presentence ­custody and will be eligible for parole after serving one third of his jail term.