James Reyne will perform in Hervey Bay on February 10, 2018.
James Reyne will perform in Hervey Bay on February 10, 2018. Contributed.

James Reyne to light up the Fraser Coast

WHEN you've played music on a professional level for almost 40 years, it's hard to pin down just one gig, or just one song, that's your favourite to play on stage.

James Reyne, who will be in Hervey Bay to perform at the By The C festival on February 10, said his favourite song to perform was usually the latest song he had worked on, but there were so many more.


"I've just recorded a song called The Last Great Love Affair, which I think it s pretty good song," Reyne said.

"But I've got Daughters of Northern Coast, Slave, Lakeside, English Girls, Hammer Head, Redlight Avenue, Reckless, Downhearted, Things Don't Seem.


"I like doing Boys Light Up, believe it or not, but I do like doing it."

After decades in the industry, Reyne said he felt lucky and grateful to still be sucessful in show business.

"In a couple of years it'll be 40 years I've been doing it, professionally, I've been lucky," he said.


"I think generally it's the thing that we do really good business at the moment.

"I touch wood everytime I say it.

"We're going out and we do good shows and I think people walk away thinking 'that was really worth it' and they come back for more.

"The last tour we did just sold out everywhere, so I think the general highlight for me is that I am still able to do it at the level I can do it after all this time.

Reyne said Fraser Coast fans could expect to see all the hits from Australian Crawl and his work as a solo artist at By The C music festival at Seafront Ovel on Saturday, February 10, 2018.



WHAT: By The C music festival

WHEN: Saturday, February 10, 2018

WHO: John Farnham, James Reyne, The Black Sorrows, Ross Wilson

WHERE: Seafront Oval, Hervey Bay - 3.30pm-9.30pm

HOW: Presale tickets available via Ticketmaster