LAST night's Block open for inspection was, for the most part, an uncharacteristically drama-free episode, acting as a sort of victory lap for the contestants after 12 weeks of hard work.

But this season's most controversial couple, Jason and Sarah, still managed to ruffle a few feathers.

After the hordes had been through their open houses, Clint and Hannah called one final and unexpected Body Corporate meeting with the other contestants.

The first-time renovators had encountered an unforeseen problem: Their newly installed outdoor spa bath had broken and would need extensive electrical repairs. At this late stage, they'd prefer to pull it out entirely and fill in the deck, but they needed every other couple's approval to go ahead with this last-minute repair.

Hannah and Clint make their pitch.
Hannah and Clint make their pitch.

All still high on the day's positive feedback from prospective buyers, their fellow contestants could not begrudge them this request.

"It doesn't bother me whether you deck it," Sticks told them.

"I don't think anybody, at this stage of the game, should be trying to stop anybody from doing what they need to do to get to auction," Wombat said.

All, that is, except Jason and Sarah.

"We might say no, actually," Sarah announced.

Clint and Hannah's faces said it all:

”U WOT M8?”
”U WOT M8?”

Away from the others, Sarah explained their reservations.

"Clint and Hannah have realised [the spa] was a bad idea, and I don't think it's fair, because now they've had feedback, they're allowed to take it out," she said.

"We were very happy to be the only backyard without a water feature of any description. That then takes away from our backyard a little bit."

Jason gave it to Hannah and Clint bluntly:

"I think your property's worth more without it. Guaranteed."

"What does it matter?" Wombat interjected. "What does it matter? Yes or no, Jason."

Eventually, the pair relented, giving Clint and Hannah the go-ahead ("If they beat me at the auction I'll be more than kicking myself," Jason said). But viewers were left fuming that a pair who almost became the first contestants ever to be kicked off the show for failing to deliver a room could lecture another couple about bending the rules.

While they said yes, the couple weren't too happy with their decision.

"It is a competition and it's a little bit unfair," Sarah said afterwards.

Will it make a difference when it comes to auction? The Block's finale airs 7pm this Sunday on Nine - and according to all three judges, one couple are firm favourites to win big.