UPDATE: MURDERED Gatton schoolgirl Jayde Kendall's death was a "senseless waste", her father says.

"I just want (Jayde) to be remembered for the spirit that she was. This kind, gentle, innocent girl who was taken way too soon," Bruce Morrissey said after Brenden Jacob Bennetts was sentenced to life behind bars for his daughter's murder.

"There was no need for it, really no need for it."

Speaking out the front of Brisbane Supreme Court, Mr Morrissey said the guilty verdict was a bittersweet moment for the family.

"Today there comes relief but there also comes sadness. It's hard after two years to come to this. And it's never going to bring Jayde back. It's the senseless waste," he said.

Mr Morrissey said he had nothing to say to the man who killed his daughter.

But he said he felt for Bennetts's family.

"I felt more compassion and I felt pity for his family for what he's put them through," he said.

He thanked the police for their work and the support the family had received from the people of the Lockyer Valley.

"It's just incredible how a community comes together and we can get things done as a community. We've helped Jayde," he said. 

Gatton teenager Jayde Kendall.
Gatton teenager Jayde Kendall. Contributed

Life behind bars for Jayde Kendall's murderer

4pm: CONVICTED murderer Brenden Jacob Bennetts will not be released from jail until he is at least middle aged.

Bennetts, 21, has been sentenced to mandatory life imprisonment after being found guilty of the 2015 murder of  Gatton schoolgirl Jayde Kendall.

He will not be eligible for parole for a minimum 20 years.

After the jury announced its verdict in Brisbane Supreme Court this afternoon, one of Jayde's supporters walked behind the dock where Bennetts was sitting and slapped the glass.

"See you buddy," he said.

Jayde's grandfather Denis Morrissey said the family was suffering a "life sentence" because of Bennetts's actions.

He said his granddaughter's death had devastated the family.

"This would not be something someone would willingly picture. It would be a nightmare," he said.

Bennetts sat emotionless when the verdict was read out and when Justice Ann Lyons sentenced him to life behind bars.

The body of Jayde Kendall, left, was still clad in her Lockyer High School uniform, and right, a sketch of accused Brenden Bennetts in court during the trial. Illustration: Travis D. Hendrix/AAP
The body of Jayde Kendall, left, was still clad in her Lockyer High School uniform, and right, a sketch of accused Brenden Bennetts in court during the trial. Illustration: Travis D. Hendrix/AAP


The court heard Jayde's body was not found for 13 days after Bennetts killed her. Because of this the cause of death could not be determined.

Justice Lyons told Bennetts he showed "no respect for her body after death, just as you showed no respect for her in the last moments of her life".

She said Bennetts was the only one who knew what really happened and that would stay with him forever.

"You will have to live with that knowledge with you for the rest of your life," she said.

"You betrayed the trust of a young, inexperienced 16 year old.

"You attacked her dignity as a woman and killed her and just got rid of her."

Bennetts was sentenced to two years jail for interfering with a corpse. He pleaded guilty to that charge. 


Jayde Kendall murder trial: verdict delivered

3.10pm: BRENDEN Jacob Bennetts has been found guilty of murdering Gatton teen Jayde Kendall.

A Brisbane jury today found Bennetts had intentionally killed 16-year-old Jayde in August 2015.

It took them less than a day to reach the verdict and he is now being sentenced.

Bennetts, 21, admitted to killing the Gatton schoolgirl when the trial began but the Crown did not accept his plea to manslaughter.

He instead faced a trial accused of murdering her.

The court heard evidence from Bennetts's sexual partners who said he had a tendency to grab women around the throat during sex.

Bennetts's defence barrister Michael Copley suggested to the the jury that Jayde had died through sexual misadventure.

But by finding him guilty of murder, the jury rejected that explanation.

Instead they agreed with prosecutor Vicki Loury who argued Bennetts had intended to kill Jayde.

The court heard Bennetts had searched on YouTube for "best way to dispose of a body" the day before she was killed.

Ms Loury told the jury Bennetts had repeatedly lied to police about his involvement in Jayde's death.

The teenager went missing on August 14, 2015 and only Bennetts knew where her body was for 13 days until it was found at Upper Tenthill on August 27.

Jayde Kendall was found dead on August 27, 2015.
Jayde Kendall was found dead on August 27, 2015. Bev Lacey


Her body was too decomposed to determine a cause of death.

Bennetts will be sentenced to the mandatory life in prison.

The jury retired on Wednesday afternoon after an eight-day trial.

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