Jennifer Aniston has had enough about the media and public’s “misconceptions” about her life. Picture: AFP
Jennifer Aniston has had enough about the media and public’s “misconceptions” about her life. Picture: AFP

Aniston hints on why she is childless

JENNIFER Aniston has hit back at baby-shamers and "misconceptions" about her personal life in a wide-ranging interview where the notoriously private star let loose on a number of topics including motherhood, sexism and her romantic relationships.

Speaking with good friend Molly McNearney - who's married to talk show host Jimmy Kimmel - for US InStyle, Aniston opened up about her personal life in a way she rarely has publicly.

"It's pretty crazy," Aniston told the magazine. "The misconceptions are 'Jen can't keep a man,' and 'Jen refuses to have a baby because she's selfish and committed to her career.' Or that I'm sad and heartbroken. First, with all due respect, I'm not heartbroken."

Aniston's frank interview comes months after she split from second husband Justin Theroux in February after more than two years of marriage and seven years together.

She was previously married to Brad Pitt from 2000-2005.

The star also opened up about the constant press speculation on when or if she would ever have children.

"No one considers how sensitive that might be for my partner and me," she told the magazine.

"And second, those are reckless assumptions. No one knows what's going on behind closed doors. No one considers how sensitive that might be for my partner and me.

"They don't know what I've been through medically or emotionally. There is a pressure on women to be mothers, and if they are not, then they're deemed damaged goods. Maybe my purpose on this planet isn't to procreate. Maybe I have other things I'm supposed to do?"

The star has previously spoken about the intense interest in the fact that she hasn't had children, telling Marie Claire in 2016, "I have worked too hard in this life and this career to be whittled down to a sad, childless human."

Aniston also touched on the sexism she's endured throughout her career.

"I've definitely had my fair share of sexism in the media," the 49-year-old said.

"Women are picked apart and pitted against one another based on looks and clothing and superficial stuff.

"When a couple breaks up in Hollywood, it's the woman who is scorned. The woman is left sad and alone. She's the failure. F that. When was the last time you read about a divorced, childless man referred to as a spinster?"

In the age of #MeToo and Time's Up, Aniston revealed, "I've definitely had some sloppy moves made on me by other actors, and I handled it by walking away.

"I've never had anyone in a position of power make me feel uncomfortable and leverage that over me."

Interestingly, Aniston said she had encountered worse treatment from other women.

"In my personal experience I've been treated worse verbally and energetically by some women in this industry."

As for the cultural change in the wake of #MeToo, the star said: "It's long overdue. But we also need to be better at listening to one another. That includes men. They need to be part of this conversation.

"When everyone is mad and aggressive, people become too afraid to speak and there is no conversation. Same goes for politics. We need to include each other, to hear each other out. We can't stoop to the anger."

As for that relentless interest in her personal life, Aniston said she can laugh at it. Occasionally.

"There are definitely moments of not being balanced and poised, but I do that all in my own personal space. For the most part I can sit back and laugh at the ridiculous headlines because they have gotten more and more absurd," she said.

"I guess they're feeding into some sort of need the public has, but I focus on my work, my friends, my animals, and how we can make the world a better place. That other stuff is junk food that needs to go back in its drawer."