BMee's Lars Olsen (right) leads the SportFirst Extension program.Photo Contributed / Charlie B Photography
BMee's Lars Olsen (right) leads the SportFirst Extension program.Photo Contributed / Charlie B Photography Contributed / Charlie B Photogra

Jets launch second program to help develop juniors

The KSS Jets have launched their second SportFirst Extension program for 2016 with the first of the 12 sessions being held last Monday.

The program is run by BMee’s Lars Oslen and is specifically designed for children aged between 10 and 15 who currently participate in other sports.

The key concept behind the program is providing children participating in sport with conditioning, strength and recovery sessions during their sporting season.

KSS Jets president Stuart Taylor launched the program earlier in the year after he noticed children in this age group struggled with injuries related to growth and fatigue.

“As a club we recognised the value of having a holistic approach to the development of young players and have asked Lars to help our children reach their potential,” he said.

The first program was in January and the results were dramatic.

“Coaches were approaching me on how they had noticed a remarkable difference in the fitness and attitude of the participants. The children themselves embraced the challenge,” Taylor said.

Pepe Pavey plays for the under-11 KSS Jets and completed her first session of the 12 week program on Monday.

She is also the first girl to take part in the program.

“I am so pumped and excited to be doing the SportFirst Extension program and think that Lars is a great instructor,” she said.

“I really enjoyed being encouraged by everyone I am training with.”

Olsen is encouraged by the level of the participants both in their enthusiasm and fitness.

“It is great to connect with children who are committed to their sport,” he said.

“My job is to take that and start building fitness knowledge around it. It is amazing how a little bit of guidance at this age can make such an incredible difference" said Lars.

The program started on May 23 and will run each Monday afternoon for 12 weeks.

The cost is $60 for the entire program and there are still some spots available.

Phone Taylor on 0421 602 480 or send an email to for more information.