JOB HUNT: 'I've been looking for eight years'

JOB seekers in the Wide Bay spend, on average, 61 weeks looking for work before they are successful.

This statistic, released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, sparked a large response from readers of the Fraser Coast Chronicle.

Readers took to Facebook to express their frustrations.

Here are just some of the responses received from members of the community.

Olivia Arthur: While it's not easy living on temporary/casual work, I know several people who can't even get that - yet they keep encouraging more people to move here.


Michelle Mewburn: Took me about 2 years to find a job when I first moved here. I feel sorry for people who are struggling to find a job here now. Not a good place for employment as people are lucky to even get a reply now, let alone an interview because there is so much competition.

Brad Brown: They say it's hard to get work here but honestly most of them don't want to work. They're either unskilled or have poor work ethic.

Steve Wright: Haha 61 weeks?? I could be so lucky. I've been looking for eight years.

Tony Lunn: School leavers have no chance. Employers want life experiences. How do young folk get work experience.

Leah Farley: My daughter couldn't find work, went back to Brisbane and had work soon after.

Angelica Roeger: And how many other people are out there doing the same thing looking for the same position. Maybe time to start looking at other aspects. Time to start looking for work in a different industry where there is work. Think outside the box. There are jobs out there it's a matter of being the person who stands out in the crowd.