Join in belly dancing fun at Urangan Community Centre

BELLY dancing and Middle Eastern food will be celebrated at the next Focus on Friendship musical morning tea at the Urangan Community Centre on Wednesday, September 11.

The Flaming Sands Belly Dancers will perform danse deventre (the dance of the stomach in French), a beautiful form of dancing which is both expressive and creative. Everyone can join in, it is suitable for people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and is performed by both men and women.

"We had a ball last year. Evelyne and her troupe got everyone involved, even those seated were able to join in the fun waving hands and scarves," project officer Christel Schrank said.

Flaming Sands group leader Evelyne Grenfell said belly dancing can improve muscle tone, balance and co-ordination, and is a good all over low impact exercise because it uses all muscles and the brain for co-ordination.

Christel said the Urangan Community Centre volunteers were trialling special recipes from Lebanon, Persia and Syria to provide an unusual morning tea with different flavours and textures, a break away from the sandwiches, sausage rolls and cakes normally served at the monthly Focus on Friendship morning teas.

"Hence we wish everyone sahteyn - twice your health in Lebanese with entertainment and home-made food at Focus on Friendship. We welcome everyone."

The fun starts at 10am with morning tea and costs $5.

Grab a friend and book your place by phoning 4125 5499.