Julien Blanc in one of his #ChokingGirlsAroundtheWorld videos
Julien Blanc in one of his #ChokingGirlsAroundtheWorld videos

Julien Blanc is a racist sexual predator and must be stopped

Julien Blanc, a "dating advice" consultant working for Real Social Dynamics (RSD), travels around the world teaching men how to manipulate, and in some cases, sexually assault women.

Blanc is also someone who practises what he preaches. Although he doesn't just assault women, but documents it for everyone to see. So far, he's been getting away with it, and has even been financially rewarded. I can't believe this. And that's why I set up the campaign #TakeDownJulienBlanc.

When I first started researching Blanc, I found gems on his website, PimpingMyGame.com: "DEVELOP PANTY-DROPPING MASCULINITY WITH THIS ROCK-SOLID STRUCTURE TO SELF-GENERATE THE POWERFUL EMOTIONS GIRLS CRAVE." Who talks like that?  But a part of me wasn't laughing. As I quickly discovered, he leads an organised group of men, and teaches them how to assault women.

In Blanc's videos his treatment of women is - to put it lightly - horrifying. There are videos of him going up to women, clasping their throats, while putting his finger on his lips, saying "shhh". For reasons beyond me, he has decided to document this abuse by labelling the videos of him doing this with his own hashtag: #ChokingGirlsAroundtheWorld.

Blanc also brags about his effectiveness in subduing women and controlling them to satisfy male sexual desire. The troubling language he uses is typical of many Pickup Artists (PUAs), but what makes Blanc's behaviour even more disturbing is just how much his misogyny is motivated by his complete bigotry.

When talking about how to "seduce" a Japanese woman, he is quoted as saying: "Just grab her… To take the pressure off, yell Pikachu or Pokemon or Tamagotchi or something". He is obsessed with degrading Japanese women, and abusing his white male privilege. "At least in Tokyo, if you're a white male," he says "you can do what you want. I'm just romping through the streets, just grabbing girls' heads, just like, head, pfft on the d***. Head, on the d***, yelling, 'pikachu'."

As an Asian woman, men like Blanc create problems for people like me. I am Chinese, but Blanc and his ilk don't care what type of Asian I am.  By perpetuating the idea that Asian women are a "free for all" for predatory men, he is encouraging other pathetic men to abuse them. After listening to Blanc's "teachings", his followers think it's okay to have yellow fever, or to act out their sick power fantasies on Asian women.

When I first started the campaign, I had almost no strategy; I just threw things and hoped they stuck. I called the Japanese Embassy, reported him, wrote to the press, did the hashtag thing, and started a petition on change.org.

I'm now targeting venues who are hosting his events. The campaign is still in its early stages, but something has seemed to have stuck. We have been able to shut down events in Melbourne, Brisbane, Austin, and Seattle, and Eventbrite have stopped hosting his events.

Julien and RSD are on the defence; many of the videos I have watched are now taken down and made private. As for the PUAs that my campaign has attracted, and who have trolled me, I mostly ignore them or just laugh. Their personal insults and comments about my appearance are just so unoriginal.  They apparently found my OKCupid profile, but that doesn't really bother me. They really don't concern me that much in terms of being a target, as support for my campaign has overshadowed them by far. There is a movement behind this now. I, along with many others, are intent on shutting bigoted PUAs down.

Blanc is going to Tokyo in two weeks. I really hope we can stop him before he starts assaulting the women there again. The only way to take someone like him down is by publicly shaming them. I know this is giving him more publicity, but I'm hoping it's the type of publicity that will mean that sh**bags like him aren't able to find work. Because this Asian girl is tired of such BS.

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