Drug kingpin Ivan Tesic durubg gus trial at Brisbane’s Supreme Court. Picture: John Gass/AAP
Drug kingpin Ivan Tesic durubg gus trial at Brisbane’s Supreme Court. Picture: John Gass/AAP

Tesic case: Jury retires to consider verdict

THE jury deciding the fate of accused Gold Coast ice kingpin Ivan Tesic has retired to consider their verdict on charges of trafficking and possession of ice.

At 11.05am this morning, the jury left the Supreme Court room to deliberate, after Justice Glenn Martin finished his summing up of the evidence.

The prosecution case has relied on an unlikely "supergrass", a young Gold Coast apprentice carpenter turned drug mule, who was living at home with mum and dad, when he claimed he was couriering drugs and cash for Tesic's ice ring using a hidden "stash box" concealed in the interior of a car bought with $10,000 cash from Tesic's brother Novak.

Ivan Tesic paid for modifications to the car's suspension, but did not own the car, the jury heard. The car was registered in the name of the mule's brother, the court was told.

The mule, who cannot be named for legal reasons, "rolled" on car-enthusiast Tesic in return for avoiding jail himself, turning star witness for the prosecution.

The jury were earlier told this trial was a retrial.

In summing up the case this morning Justice Glenn Martin told the jury that the prosecution were "almost entirely" relying on the evidence of the mule to convict Tesic because police bugging devices and phone taps had failed to catch evidence of Tesic talking about drugs at his palatial waterfront home in the Isle of Capri.

Ivan Tesic. Picture: John Gass/AAP
Ivan Tesic. Picture: John Gass/AAP

Justice Martin told the jury that Crown Prosecutor Mark Whitbread had also asked them to take a close look at a "red and black book" found by police in Tesic's home in the Sydney suburb of Hoxton Park.

Tesic did not take the witness stand and did not call a single witness in his defence.

However in their submissions to the jury the defence team attacked the mule's credibility, arguing he lied repeatedly to police and implicated Tesic to save his own skin and get an "amazing discount" on his jail term - a wholly suspended five years jail.

The defence argued that the mule, who had served 16 months jail previously for drug crimes and admitted he had been involved in the drug trade for up to seven years until 2014, told so many lies that the jury could not believe a single word he said.

Tesic is alleged to have asked the mule to make a delivery of meth oil to alleged Gold Coast drug dealer Shane Ross at either Harbourtown or Helensvale, then to pick up ice from Ross and deliver it to other dealers Billy Thomas and Nicky Hatton.

Tesic is alleged to have asked the mule to do these deliveries between five and six times over a period of up to four months., the court heard.

The mule also testified during the trial that a drug dealer Darren Dark delivered ice to Tesic at Tesic's Isle of Capri home at some point prior to October 11, 2013, and the ice was hidden in the grass catcher of a lawnmower.

Tesic is also alleged to have instructed the mule in February 2014 to drive a silver Holden Commodore ute to Sydney from the Gold Coast, and that there was money hidden in the ute.

On a second occasion the mule testified he picked up a bag of cash in a JB Hifi shopping bag from Novak Tesic at the Isle of Capri house and drove it to Sydney with a plan to give it to Ivan Tesic, but when he arrived Tesic was not at the Hoxton Park home.

Then later Tesic is alleged to have ordered the mule to take six green soft-drink bottles of meth oil to Queensland.

The mule also claimed that Tesic gave many of his orders to him about the ice ring via BlackBerry phone, which is encrypted.

The mule's BlackBerry phone was wiped after the Amalfi Drive Isle of Capri home was raided by police on March 20, 2014.