OPINION: Just a slight addiction – er, interest

OPINION: I have been caught out - badly. My beloved, who has never shown the slightest interest in reading any of my comments in the past, decided to read the one I wrote last week about her addiction to Spotlight.

She was not impressed. She politely, but assertively, pointed out to me that I too have an addiction to shopping - of the hardware kind.

While it is true I have been known to visit the odd hardware store now and then I personally wouldn't call it an addiction, more a passing interest.

And besides, my hardware purchases are aimed at keeping our household running smoothly, without the need to employ outrageously expensive tradespeople.

She said that while she appreciated me being able to repair the mower or fix a leaky tap she couldn't understand why I had a number of power points in my collection, given that I cannot (and would not) attempt to fix anything electrical.

The answer is simple: they were a bargain and I reasoned that if I already had the power points on hand the cost of an electrician would be reduced.

To this she just shook her head, turned and walked away, commenting:

"You've had the things for over 10 years and never once have we ever needed a new power point."

But one day we might, and who would be laughing then?