‘Keep searching’: Drivers urged to shop around for petrol

MARYBOROUGH'S petrol prices are among the cheapest in the state but Hervey Bay is still too expensive.

That is according to RACQ spokeswoman Vivien O'Connor, who said it was important for drivers to keep searching for the cheapest prices.

"Unleaded petrol prices in Maryborough are reasonable and at a level we would consider to be fair given the current TGP, Singapore wholesale and oil prices," she said.

"Maryborough is among the cheaper centres in this competitive region.

"It is not as cheap as Bundaberg and Gladstone, but these towns are highly competitive and very cheap.

"The majority of sites in Maryborough are selling ULP for 109.9 cents per litre.

"However, Hervey Bay is slightly more expensive than we would hope."

The average petrol price in Hervey Bay is 115.8 cpl, whereas the current fair price is considered to be 113.8 cpl.

"The cheapest sites in Hervey Bay are selling ULP for 113.9 cpl," Ms O'Connor said

"These are the Caltex at Nikenbah, and the Shell on Boat Harbour Drive.

"If motorists in Hervey Bay need to fill up, they should buy from these sites.

"Hervey Bay is one of the more expensive towns in the region, but compared to other regional centres in Queensland, unleaded petrol prices in Hervey Bay are not too bad.

"The average price is about two cents higher than we would hope, but the cheapest sites are selling ULP at a reasonable price.

"It is always important for motorists to buy from the cheapest site, even if it is only a cent cheaper.

"Only when expensive sites start to lose business to their cheaper rivals will they lower their prices.

"Competition drives down prices, but requires all of us to do our homework and buy from the cheapest site."

The latest RULP averages are:

Gladstone - 106.7 cpl

Bundaberg - 108.6 cpl

Hervey Bay - 115.8 cpl

Maryborough - 110.0 cpl

Gympie - 119.4 cpl