The classic man cave bedroom.
The classic man cave bedroom. iStock

Keeping men in mind for home design

Most women rule the roost, or at least most women decide on how the roost looks. In The New York Times recently there was an article describing the need for interior designers to increasingly cater for men.

This got me thinking about how much input women usually have when it comes to creating a home. From young boys living at home, to married men moving in with a spouse, you can guarantee much of the design choices are made by women.

Regardless, if you're looking to create the ultimate bachelor's pad or you simply want to create a space that is more macho in its aesthetic, there's plenty to draw inspiration from. The hugely popular Game of Thrones has inspired rustic interiors from fur throws to wrought iron chandeliers. The Home of Thrones look, as I like to call it, is a trend that will continue long after the television series ends.

Furniture that reflects the masculine style is essential to achieve a manly space. Strong bold colours, wood accents or metal details can create the bachelor pad look, while nothing says masculine more than a stunning leather chesterfield sofa.

Another must-have for most men is the latest and best technology. A large flat-screen television hooked up to all the streaming services will impress most men.

The bedroom is where you unwind and we can spend up to a third of our lives in it, so a good bed is a necessity, not a luxury. A stylish upholstered bedhead, possibly in leather, or any luxurious fabric in a dark shade, will go a long way to creating a stylish and masculine look in the bedroom.