Keith Pitt in Bundaberg today, urging everyone in Hinkler - and Australia - to download the Covidsafe app.
Keith Pitt in Bundaberg today, urging everyone in Hinkler - and Australia - to download the Covidsafe app.

Keith Pitt on why it's important you download Covidsafe app

WHILE some politicians have decided against downloading the Covidsafe app, Hinkler MP Keith Pitt has proudly hit the download button and is urging everyone in the community to do the same.

"I'm encouraging everyone in the electorate - in fact, right across the country, to download the Covidsafe app," he said.

"This app is about protecting you and your family and it's one of the best possible options that we have for ensuring you can be contacted as quickly as possible if you come into contact with someone who is later diagnosed with the coronavirus."

The Covidsafe app is downloaded to smartphones and from there, users enter in their name, phone number, age range and postcode.

Data is then stored in the app so if someone who has the app tests positive to the virus, anyone else with the app on their phone who was in proximity can be contacted quickly.

Data is held safely in the app and can be accessed if there is a need and if the user agrees.

"The data is absolutely secure," Mr Pitt said.

The COVIDSafe app is now available for download.
The COVIDSafe app is now available for download.

"It's up to individuals to download it, it's up to individuals to utilise it but we want everyone to use this app so we can return to normal as quickly as possible."

Mr Pitt said he was pleased that Australia-wide, one million people had signed up to the app in just five hours - a number the government thought would take up to five days to reach.

The minister encouraged everyone in the community to distribute links to the app to everyone they knew including friends, family and members of community groups.

"We need to get to as many people as possible," he said.

While fellow LNP politicians Barnaby Joyce and Llew O'Brien openly refused to download the app, citing privacy concerns, Mr Pitt said it was a free country, but he was putting the safety of his family and the community first.

The Hinkler MP also called on locals to make sure older friends and relatives or those who may not be as tech savvy were given a helping hand to download the app.

"This is all about your health, your safety and that of your family," Mr Pitt said.

When making the choice to download Covidsafe, Mr Pitt said there was just one ting to consider.

"It's a simple question - do you want to know as quickly as possible if you've been in contact with someone who was diagnosed with the coronavirus? If the answer is yes, then use the app," he said.

Mr Pitt said he'd so far been impressed with how Australians had handled the global pandemic.

"I think the Australian people have been magnificent in their response, there is no doubt about that, that Australia is one of the world leaders when it comes to responding to the coronavirus pandemic and its cause and of course, what effect it has had on our country," he said.

"But we do need to start to   work ourselves back to get our economy up and going."

Mr Pitt encouraged people to continue to obey social distancing rules, use good hygiene and get the country back on track by doing so.

The app is available on all smartphones via their app stores and is entirely free of charge.