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Khloé Kardashian's sex calculator

KHLOÉ Kardashian uses a sex calculator.

The 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star has been sharing her tips on how to burn calories whilst getting intimate with your partner.

Taking to her official website, she wrote: "I'm all about having fun with fitness and it's the best way to stay motivated to work out. I had my team put together a list of sex positions that burn the most calories, because what's more fun than getting down??? LOL.

"I even found this 'sex calculator' that tells you exactly how many calories are burned between the sheets based on your gender, weight, position, style ('slow,' 'frisky' or 'fast and furious,' haha) and time frame. (sic)"

And the 31-year-old television personality is happy to be open about what she prefers in bed as she previously revealed she keeps a rhinestone whip beside her bed.

She explained: "Sadists get off on pain, which I can appreciateI keep a rhinestone whip by the side of my bed!!! I like 'love bites,' as long as they're done kindly. Don't make me bleed, LOL! I've seen some intense documentaries where people are in cages and s**t like that, which is NOT for me. (sic)"