HANDS-ON LEARNING: Maryborough Kids' Garden Club members   Lilly Ryan and Ashton Revell with club volunteer and teacher Michelle McShane.
HANDS-ON LEARNING: Maryborough Kids' Garden Club members Lilly Ryan and Ashton Revell with club volunteer and teacher Michelle McShane. Boni Holmes

Kids dig after-school club

MARYBOROUGH Garden Club has branched out to offer younger members a chance to learn the journey of paddock to plate.

Club secretary Suzanne Bushell said the adult group had been enjoying lots of activities and events since its inception a year ago.

"Our main goal now was to give our youth a food education from the ground roots," she said.

The kids' club is already growing, as is their volunteer base.

Garden club volunteer and Granville teacher Michelle McShane has offered to help after school.

Ms McShane ran a garden club at the school and wanted to recreate something similar.

"We are hoping to make enough produce and then bring it inside so the children can learn the paddock to plate process," she said.

Chase Revell, 9, said they had already planted strawberries, cherry tomatoes and paw paw.

"We do lots of activities and they are super fun," Chase said.


Maryborough Kids Garden Club members (from left) Chase Revell, 9, and Summer Ryan, 7 love the variety of activities available.
Club members Chase Revell, 9, and Summer Ryan, 7, love the variety of activities available. boni holmes

His 12-year-old brother, Ashton, is interested in utilising what he learns at home.

"I learnt to turn the soil, which helps loosen the soil for planting," Ashton said.

"The plants are happier and the water gets to them easier."

Newest member Lilly Ryan, 12, was a former member of the Granville School club and hopes to gain more knowledge.

She hopes to to use what she learns to create something for her family.

But Lilly is also very interested in the garden arts and crafts the club also offers.

Children from the age from eight can be involved in not just the garden but art and craft, cooking and healthy eating activities.

The club has lots of project ideas planned, including recycling, construction and sharing with the community.

They were donated some guttering that they will turn into a vertical garden.

Ms McShane said they also received help from Maryborough Bunnings.

"Bunnings has supplied us with a lot of the garden tools we have been using and some of the plants we have planted," she said.

"We also received some raised garden beds - Sue had a group who put them together at Bunnings and transported them over here."

Ms Bushell said sharing was their main goal.

"We want to offer different activities and we want everyone to be involved and engaged and learning," she said.

"Club members enjoy sharing their personal gardening journeys and are keen to pass their skills to the children. We want to share and work with the community and make it beneficial to all who attend."


Maryborough Kids Garden Club is held Tuesday and Thursday from 3.30-5pm at The Hut, corner of Raglan and Banana St, Granville.

Maryborough Garden Club has visited over 50 gardens, been on numerous bus trips, attended garden expos, enjoyed guest speakers, completed national beneficial insect counts, taken part in many garden art activities and barbecues.

Joining fee is $10 adults, $5 children.

For more information phone Suzanne Bushell on 0497 122 649 or visit Facebook or maryboroughgardenclub.weebly.com.