KILL THREAT: Coast neighbour unleashes over dog

THREATENING to kill his neighbour left one Pacific Haven man's wallet $500 lighter.

Dale Russell Dowson appeared before Hervey Bay Magistrates Court this week and pleaded guilty to one charge of threatening violence.

The court heard the man's neighbour was riding a quad bike around a Pacific Haven street when she drove into a drive way over a cattle grid.

She then saw a dog come running toward her and she tried to shoo the dog back to its property.

Dowson saw the woman shooing the dog and started verbally abusing her.

Walking towards the fence, he told her "If you touch that f**king dog I'll f***ing kill you, you s**t".

The woman went into her home and called police.

The court heard the neighbours had an acrimonious relationship that had broken down, with similar exchanges between the parties happening on a regular basis.

Dowson was disappointed with himself for engaging in the situation and for his language, the court was told.

He was fined and a conviction was recorded.