Kingfisher croc adds another sighting

A CROCODILE has been reported off Kingfisher Bay, but it may not be the same one two fishing teenagers reported seeing only days earlier off a Urangan beach.

The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection didn't know if the reports were of the same crocodile.

The department received a report of a "potentially large crocodile" swimming off a Urangan beach on May 25, and then a second report of a croc near Kingfisher Bay Resort on May 30.

But unlike the Mary River crocodile, bait traps have not been set for the croc, believed to be living in Hervey Bay's pristine waters.

Following the sighting of the croc off Urangan, rangers carried out an unsuccessful spotlight search.

The recent croc sightings in Hervey Bay add to the confirmed report of a 3.5m croc in the Mary River.

On Thursday, an EHP spokesman told the Chronicle traps remained in the Mary River near the Beaver Rock boat ramp.

"No investigations are occurring offshore at present (in Hervey Bay), however wildlife officers are remaining alert to the possibility of an animal within Hervey Bay and will investigate any new reports," he said.

A 3.1m croc was captured in the Mary River on November 7 last year.