Korean KFC takes Double Down one step further

Perhaps only suitable for those on the Atkins diet, KFC in Korea has unveiled its latest bunless creation that could make your eyes - and your arteries - water.

The 'Zinger Double Down King' builds on the success of its ancestral burger (from 2010) called the Double Down, which was a breadless symposium of cheese and bacon sandwiched between two slabs of fried chicken.

The Double Down was released to Australia in 2011 with the tagline, "make time for man time" and for about a month earlier this year.

Now, however, South Korea has taken it one step further by adding a beef patty to the mix and some extra sauce.


The Zinger Double Down King, which is a bun-less burger released in Korea
The Zinger Double Down King, which is a bun-less burger released in Korea


It went on sale on 18 October and is sold on its own for about £4 or in a meal for £7. It is also contains about 750 calories.

Apparently, two million of the original 'Double Down' burger were consumed by Canadians in less than two months of them being on sale in 2011.

Last year KFC Korea also created the Double Down Maxx, which was comprised of two fried chicken pieces sandwiching a hash brown in addition to cheese.

No word yet on whether this beautiful monstrosity will make it back to Australia.



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