LETTER: At this critical time, M'boro needs a strong voice

LETTER TO EDITOR: Maryborough is in a phase of transformation and uncertainty but it needs to reject a cargo cult mentality as it votes this week in the state election.

Everyone is talking jobs but no candidate is a messiah who will rain jobs on the city.

At this critical time, the city needs a strong voice in government as Queensland also goes through its transformation phase.

From a top-heavy public service that almost crippled the state three years ago, it is moving to an economy aimed at creating wealth and real jobs in the private sector.

If Maryborough wants to tap into the restructuring to support business, industry and services it needs to become a valued seat again - held by one party but always worth targeting by the other.

It has been ignored for far too long.

Like Gary Gilbert, I do not agree with all LNP policies nor do I hold any allegiance to any party but the LNP appears likely to hold power.

Maryborough needs to stay with the strength.

Anne Maddern might not be the most charismatic candidate but she is the only one who will have any influence with an LNP government in Brisbane.

She has proven she can work hard and she has the confidence of leaders in the business sector.

She might be light on in big-ticket achievements but her steady ground work is evident - and we should acknowledge she took over in a time of austerity after Maryborough had been neglected for more than a decade of ineffective independent representation.

The hard pruning has been done in Queensland.

As it appears the LNP will be given another three years to show its efforts can bear fruit, the sensible course for Maryborough voters is to forget who they like or dislike and think coolly about who will be in the best position to deliver.

- Nancy Bates, Maryborough

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