Labor denies FIFO policy change

LABOR has denied changing its FIFO policy after a senior Labor MP has reportedly contradicted the party's promise to review existing 100% FIFO approvals.

It appears a radio interview gone wrong with Labor MP Jackie Trad has left the ALP trying to shrug off unwanted praise from the Queensland Resources Council.

The QRC released the interview transcript with Ms Trad telling a caller on 4BC the policy would be about new proposals and not retrospective.

But last year Opposition Leader Annastacia Palaszczuk said: "My commitment to Queenslanders that live in mining communities is that under the next Labor government, 100% FIFO proposals will not be approved and we will review all existing 100% FIFO approvals within the first 100 days of office."

Labor stipulated it would target the practice for major resource projects near regional communities.

After Ms Trad's radio interview, a Labor spokesman and Ms Trad told APN there was no change to the policy laid out last year.

But QRC chief Michael Roche had already heaped praise on Labor for its supposed turnaround and the organisation touted it as a huge relief to more than 900 coal industry workers in central Queensland's Bowen Basin.

Mr Roche said Ms Palaszczuk's pledge to review the existing employment arrangements at two mines had sent a shudder through the resources sector.

"Changing the rules under which companies have committed billions of investment dollars would be a very bad move by any government serious about attracting new investment and jobs," Mr Roche said.

"Ms Trad has sent a strong signal to the resources sector and to the wider business community that the ALP does understand the importance of engendering investment certainty and confidence."

Mr Roche suggested Labor review several other policies if it does form government to reinforce the focus on investment certainty and confidence.

Ms Trad would not comment on the interview itself.