Dimwit crim pretends to be asleep then attacks police

FAILING to show police the respect to which they are entitled has left a Toowoomba man with a two-month jail sentence hanging over his head.

Police attending a Tor St, Wilsonton, residence on another matter about 1.10pm, November 23, had knocked loudly but received no answer, Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard.

The officers eventually saw Jai Mark Daniel Pillar inside the house in a bed pretending to be asleep, police prosecutor Sergeant Tim Hutton told the court.

Told to get out of bed, Pillar had verbally abused police which escalated into a struggle with officers trying to arrest him.

During the scuffle, Pillar had kicked out at officers causing a policeman's sunglasses to fall off and break, Sgt Hutton said.

The 23-year-old's behaviour didn't improve when taken to the watch house where he continued to verbally abuse police.

The self-represented Pillar pleaded guilty to two counts of assault/obstruct a police officer.

Magistrate Damian Carroll noted Pillar was on parole at the time for offences which included a one month jail term for a similar offence.

Pillar told the court his parole term was due to expire this week and a Queensland Corrective Services Officer told the court the 23-year-old's response to the order had been satisfactory.

However, Mr Carroll told Pillar that, with his criminal history, he had been in the justice system long enough to know to comply with police instructions.

He sentenced Pillar to two months' jail but suspended the term in full for 12 months and ordered he pay $110 restitution for the officer's broken sunglasses.