The first Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Picture: Cordell Richardson
The first Ipswich City Council meeting of 2020. Picture: Cordell Richardson

When landmark transparency hub could be in place

OPEN tender documents for Ipswich City Council's landmark transparency and integrity hub have been released.

A week after the new council adopted the motion from Mayor Teresa Harding to introduce the platform, it has gone out to tender.

The hub aims to provide residents with direct access to past and present financial data and other material from council and its controlled entities.

Only veteran councillor Paul Tully did not vote in support of the initiative, choosing to abstain from voting.

Cr Harding praised the speed at which the process moved and hoped the hub would be launched by July 1.

"Ipswich has a wonderful opportunity to become a national leader in local government financial transparency," she said.

"And once we demonstrate we can be trusted with public monies, I will be seeking out public and private investment for enabling infrastructure.

"Time is of the essence, but I have faith in the organisation because they know how important it is to get this right.

"We have no other choice, the people of Ipswich are depending on us to lay the past to rest and move forward.

"CEO (David Farmer) has got the organisation pumping."

Deputy Mayor Marnie Doyle, who left a career as banking and finance lawyer to become a councillor, said establishing the hub was a significant step forward for Ipswich.

"We're on track to become an Australian first in transparent data-driven decision making which will enable us to restore community and stakeholder trust," she said.

The tender closes 10am, 25 May 2020 and all relative documents can be accessed here.

For any queries, contact Richard White on 3810 7959.