Teen 'laughs hysterically' in cop chase

NO LAUGHTER came from Tijana Andrews when the Gladstone teenager was sentenced to do more jail time for escaping from police when she made a laughing sprint for freedom.

It was a short-lived bolt from the police watchhouse destined for failure.

And police prosecutor Barry Stevens keenly pointed out to the court magistrate that the Gladstone officers who gave chase to Andrews had been young and fit.

"Unfortunately for her we have rather young officers at Gladstone who ran her down," he said.

Sergeant Stevens said this was not the case (in a precedent sentencing case he put before the court) involving Toowoomba police officers in their foot chase of an escaped prisoner.

In a video link with Brisbane Womens Prison, Andrews, 19, pleaded guilty to escaping lawful custody and obstructing police on July 1.

Tijana Andrews (Facebook)
Tijana Andrews (Facebook)

Her sentence had previously been adjourned for a probation report to be put before magistrate Melanie Ho after the court heard Andrews fled from police following her arrest on a return-to-prison warrant.

When officers went to a residential complex Andrews was seen at the door but ran back through the flat and out the back door.

With police officers in pursuit yelling for her to stop she jumped a back fence before being arrested in a nearby unit.

Taken by police car to the Gladstone watchhouse she unlocked the rear door before a security roller door closed in the watch-house holding area, then ran off down Auckland St, police saying she was "laughing hysterically".

Sgt Stevens said she was again taken into custody.

One constable suffered an injury to his tailbone when he fell from a fence. And a female officer strained muscles and had to go on sick leave.

Ms Ho took into account her criminal history and sentenced Andrews to three months jail and set a parole eligibility date of September 24.

However, Andrews is likely to serve the full term because the parole board takes some weeks to review applications.