The leading Detective who investigated the Alva Beach double stabbing said he had formed the view that Dean Webber would not be charged just three days after he stabbed two men, although forensic investigations were not finished.

Ayr CIB officer-in-charge Detective Sergeant Gavin Neal was working the night Thomas Davy and Corey Christensen were stabbed, but prioritised another job before heading to the Topton St home because it wasn't classified as urgent.

Det-Sgt Neal was the final witness to give evidence on the second day of the inquest, detailing how he first came to learn something had happened over a conversation with another officer, Noel Dwyer, about 12.35am.

Dean Webber's first call to triple-0 was at 12.24am.

"Telling me they had a job at Alva Beach, a female had been injured… and that there were people outside the residence that they were concerned about… it was a QAS assist, code three job," he said.

Ayr CIB Detective Gavin Neal. Picture: Evan Morgan
Ayr CIB Detective Gavin Neal. Picture: Evan Morgan

Det-Sgt Neal proposed he and another officer, Hayley Manning, head to the home after making a stop along the way to get some paperwork signed by a justice of the peace (JP).

He said the trip would take about 25 minutes.

He had been working on an objection to bail for a drink driver, who was in the Ayr station watchhouse when Mr Webber called triple-0 for help.

He thought this would be the quickest way to attend the job instead of ringing around to call someone in to work to babysit the prisoner.

"Having a prisoner in the watchhouse ties everyone up," Det-Sgt Neal said.

While getting the form signed, constable Dwyer called constable Manning saying they were needed urgently back at the station as more information had come through about the Alva Beach job.

Mr Davy and Mr Christensen had been stabbed.

Det-Sgt Neal said they drove back to the station, and another officer who was called in to monitor the prisoner had arrived.

It was past 1am.

Gavin Neal. Picture: Evan Morgan
Gavin Neal. Picture: Evan Morgan

Constable Manning and constable Dwyer left in a car, and Det-Sgt Neal followed.

At the scene, he spoke with Louis Bengoa, who told him Mr Davy and Mr Christensen had gone inside the home.

"He saw Thomas come out, and he had blood on him… he was concerned about Corey and Thomas told him that Corey had come out before him, and he looked over and saw him in the ground," he said.

Det-Sgt Neal said he took Mr Webber's formal statement, and walked through the scene with him in the days after the deaths.

Mr Webber had also told him that three people entered the home, but evidence found no trace of a third person.

He said by that time he had already formed the view that Mr Webber would not be charged, despite scientific evidence still outstanding.

Counsel assisting the coroner, Joseph Crawfoot pressed Det-Sgt Neal about whether this evidence was relevant to laying charges. He agreed.

On October 5, the State Crime Command in conjunction with Ayr CIB had decided no charges would be laid against Mr Webber.

Det-Sgt Neal will be cross-examined on Wednesday.

Originally published as Lead Detective retells night of horror stabbing