You learn nothing by mercilessly beating people around you

OPINION: Good leaders don't always have to win.

I'm well known for having a story for every occasion, and today is no exception.

Say you and your partner decide to go out to dinner. You want to go to Restaurant A and they want to go to Restaurant B.

A discussion ensues and turns into a heated argument. In the end, you capitulate and go to Restaurant B, your partner's choice.

You now have two choices. You can complain about the food, the service, the prices and the noise. It wasn't your choice to go there, so it obviously isn't your fault that everything is bad.

If your partner had listened to you, you'd be in a better restaurant having a better time.

You don't enjoy the meal and both of you get home in a bad mood. Or you could shut up and eat, and enjoy what's left of the night.

Successful professionals know that they don't have to win every single time, and good community leaders should know the same, whether they're still in the workforce or not.

You learn nothing by mercilessly beating the people around you, ranting about things you cannot change nor have control over.

The quickest way to lose your support base is to try the same thing over and over and expect different results - Einstein's famous definition of insanity - or you could try to be constructive and inclusive, both traits of a true leader.

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Craig Winter is the president of the Maryborough Chamber of Commerce.