Lyndall Dykes prepares for cheese making classes.
Lyndall Dykes prepares for cheese making classes. Trevor Veale

Learn how to make your own cheese including camembert, feta

ARTISAN cheesemaker Lyndall Dykes, who is coming to Hervey Bay next week, has a passion for truly fabulous cheeses.

She's on a mission to spread the word that tasty gourmet cheeses don't have to be expensive, luxury items.

In ancient times, making cheese served as the most practical way to preserve milk, particularly for the winter months.

Traditionally it was monks or milkmaids who perfected the art of making the cheese, but today, in our consumer- driven world, we rather unromantically rely on the supermarket shelves to provide our creamy bries, gooey camemberts and fabulous fetas.

We can be just like the monks and the milkmaids, by reclaiming the simple art of cheesemaking in our own homes.

Lyndall began cheesemaking workshops four years ago at her home on the Coffs Coast.

Now she trains hundreds of people each year and has launched workshops in Sydney and more recently in Canada.

This year she has launched her own book The Cheesemaking Workshop which features 20 different cheeses to make and fantastic recipes using the homemade cheeses.

With its simple step-by-step photographic instruction, Lyndall says the book is the only one of its kind in the world.

"People come to my workshops expecting cheesemaking to be complicated and technical," she said.

"By the end of the day, they are amazed that they have made six different types of cheese with minimum fuss, effort, ingredients or equipment.

"And they all taste way more delicious than anything they usually buy in the supermarket at a fraction of the cost.

"With the creation of the book, I wanted to spread that message even further and make it super easy for people to enjoy the ancient art of cheesemaking at home."

Lyndall will give three one-day workshops in Hervey Bay next week.

Friday's and Saturday's workshops will focus on soft cheeses, camembert, feta, marscapone, cream cheese, ricotta and greek-style yoghurt, while Sunday's workshop will involve haloumi, havarti, mozzarella, cheddar and blue vein.

Participants get to take home the cheeses they make and receive workshop notes as well as a follow-up service.

Say cheese

  • When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday, August 16-18, 10am-4pm.
  • Where: The Bay Apartments, 371 The Esplanade, Scarness.
  • What: Learn how to make your favourite cheeses. The workshops include morning tea and a cheese-inspired lunch.
  • Cost: $180 per person per day.
  • Book: Places are limited. To book, phone 02 6656 2335.