Lenthalls Dam flood gates.
Lenthalls Dam flood gates. Nat Bromhead

BREAKING: Lenthalls Dam expected to overflow soon

UPDATE THURSDAY 10.30AM: LENTHALLS dam is expected to reach full capacity in the next 12 to 24 hours, and further water is set to be released.

Local disaster management acting chairman Stuart Taylor said the dam was sitting just above 70% on Wednesday, and at 6am on Thursday had risen to 85% capacity.

"It's estimated that it'll reach 100% that capacity level anywhere between the next 12 or 24 hours if we don't start opening some of the gates," Cr Taylor said.

"An assessment will be done this afternoon about when the gates will be open, about the number of gates and how we go about that process."

Cr Taylor said properties downstream of the flood gates had been notified, but opening the gates "wouldn't impact on the properties at this stage".

EARLIER: LENTHALLS Dam is expected to reach capacity on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

The main water catchment system is expected to rise from 70% to 90% in less than a day.

Disaster Management Group Acting Chairman Councillor Stuart Taylor said Wide Bay Water had been releasing 220 mega litres of water from the dam per day as a matter of operational standard, but that may be increased if the levels continued to rise.

"The assessment would be made when it reaches closer to capacity and then from there we assess how much more water we'd have to release," Cr Taylor said.

"At this stage, the projections indicate that it wouldn't have an impact on properties downstream from Lenthalls."

Cr Taylor said the disaster management team was in a "lean forward state" and prepared for any upcoming weather events.

"There is no advice at this stage to indicate river flooding, no warnings from BOM to that affect," he said.

"At this stage the major issues relate to localised water - rain falling and causing roads to be closed, that's the most significant concern at this stage."