OPINION: It's time for the council to get serious

AT THE Fraser Coast Regional Council's meeting in Maryborough, ten councillors spent about 10 minutes debating which issue they would discuss first.

Heated debate was had as George Seymour went head to head with Stuart Taylor and Gerard O'Connell.

A developer described to me this week some of our local government officials as "immature".

Evident with Becker Helicopters, Fraser Coast Opportunities or the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct, sometimes this council struggles to have an intelligent debate.

With Mike Becker's noisy helicopters, the council banned all helicopter businesses establishing in the region, a knee-jerk reaction that harboured aviation industry development.

Some councillors wanted to stop funding FCO, with no alternative to vital tourism and investment promotion in mind.

And the latest multi-million dollar project, the Fraser Coast Sport Precinct.

Councillor Rolf Light "gate-crashed" a meeting with stakeholders last Wednesday night, concerned he was not being included.

He has been labelled a seagull by the project's salesman, Darren Everard. We need a council that will put aside personality conflicts and focus on facts.