Chinese flag in beijing tiananmen square
Chinese flag in beijing tiananmen square

LETTER: History repeats as anti-China talk escalates

THE ramp up of rhetoric against China for doing what the USA used to do under its ‘good neighbour policy’, is ridiculous.

History is being repeated by private financial interests in greater profits via the military/industrial complex at the expense of national social needs.

Look at the Australian aged care problem not even knowing where those in ‘care’ are or even having died.

The ‘free world’ should be exposed for what it is; a financial dictatorship overseen by no one.

As much as the words ‘communism and totalitarian’ are touted, China is at least governed on the principle public servants (politicians) are employed and promoted on the basis of ‘merit’ rather ‘cronyism and rewards’ for compliance to private wealth.

Japan, as a now USA-British-NATO vassal state (as Australia is) has US military bases within 400 miles of China.

John Pilger’s documentary film The Coming War On China, that starts with ‘the west’s’ nuclear experiments on Marshall Islanders since 1945; with the implied reason for the Rainbow Warrior sinking, should be compulsory viewing in every school.

Kind regards,

Peter Pronczak